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for prom 2016

OMG. Prom is coming. All across America, teens are obsessing over shoes, dresses, hair, makeup, fake tans, nails, handbags, limos, jewelry and everything else that goes with this American tradition run amok. For the latest in fab canadian goose jacket fads, canada goose outlet sale check out these do’s and don’ts in the best official canada goose outlet of the teen scene mags.

Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat went all in as a one stop prom guide and „Pretty in Pink” it is not. The mag lures in readers with cover girl and canada goose outlet black friday Disney starlet Laura Marano, who pitches her cheap canada goose prom dress line (as well as her new single) in a fairly innocent photo shoot. But the rest of this candy colored nightmare effectively plays off every neurotic teen’s desire to look their best on canada goose outlet reviews that you only get https://www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk one shot at this canada goose uk shop night („Plank your way to prom,” „Makeup is your friend,” „Which prom movie describes your life?”). also dedicates a whole issue to „The Most Important Night of Any Teen Girl’s Life,” with pop starlet Becky G modeling on the cover. Inside are 260 dresses that are „Insta worthy,” which, if you need a translator, means they’ll look nice on social media like Instagram and Snapchat. We want to save you some time here. If you are over canada goose outlet new york city the age of 18, don’t even bother perusing this. If you try, there will be a moment, in between Googling the many unfamiliar boy bands and starlets therein, when you truly grasp that youth is fleeting and the quest to recapture it is sad and futile. There’s a pretty funny letter about a girl sleeping on canada goose outlet a pizza, though. Elle from Texas, they were pranking you!

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue puts pink haired pop starlet Grimes (real name: Claire Boucher) on the cover for its latest issue, hyping a dull, Canada Goose Parka puffy interview canada goose outlet nyc with fashion designer Stella McCartney. The result is similar to her career largely half baked and larded with uk canada goose outlet pictures of the singer in goose outlet canada styles that were crazy a few decades ago. A piece on „waist trainers,” the new corset sobriquet, tries to make the case that they’re dangerous for girls’ health but comes across as kind Canada Goose sale of thin. A restrained prom guide wisely advises girls to shy away from spray tans, unless they want that Donald Trump look.

New York

New York can’t seem to get enough of The Donald, putting him on its cover once again this week and promising to tell „How the Trump Campaign Really Works.” Inside, we don’t get a terribly different view than what we’ve read everywhere else although we do learn that while Trump supposedly composes his own tweets, he typically dictates them to his press secretary Hope Hicks, a 27 canada goose outlet jackets year canada goose outlet old who used to work for Ivanka Trump’s fashion business. There are hints that Trump is facing strong pressure from Ivanka and others to replace campaign manager Corey Lewandowski not because he has been charged canada goose outlet store with assault, mind you, but rather because of concerns about his level of experience.

New Yorker

Are all journalists like Peeping Toms? Whether you think so or not, the New Yorker’s Gay Talese admits that he literally became a Peeping Tom more than 40 years ago in order to research a profile on a voyeur hotel owner in Colorado. Hilariously, he tells the story of climbing into an attic with Gerald Foos and looking down through a ceiling vent at a couple having sex, only to realize his tie was hanging down through the vent. What’s curiously missing, however, are any regrets or ambivalence coming from Talese, who knew what this guy was up to for decades and never raised his voice. Now, Foos is letting him go public and Talese is set to cash in with a book about him. That’s show business!Speaking of watching other people have sex, Time has a cover story on „Why young canada goose factory sale men who grew up with Internet porn are becoming advocates for turning it off.” Curiously, it mostly cheap canada goose uk focuses on a handful of guys who blame canada goose outlet store uk their erectile dysfunction on their adolescent porn binges. This is despite the fact that the article admits research indicates this is uk canada goose a relatively rare cause and effect. Only a short sidebar discusses the far more obvious, widespread repercussions for women. Elsewhere, a piece on the downside of free trade is similarly unsatisfying.

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for prom 2016 OMG. Prom is coming. All across America, teens are obsessing over shoes, dresses, hair, makeup, fake tans, nails, handbags, limos, jewelry and everything…
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