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For example getting weapon and armour enchantments up to Perfect shouldn be too expensive, going beyond that will get pricey.new set of gear will be included as a mission reward like the Vistani gear in Ravenloft, so not much point upgrading or refining gear, or in making a huge effort to grind hunts/dungeons etc.artifacts with higher stats are coming out, which will be better than the stuff you have. Some of the current artifacts will see some of their stats change, so best not throw RP at them,The new artifacts give double the points of the current ones, so many players will probably want to switch to those.However, it is worthwhile to upgrade companions you want to use. If you have VIP (rank 2+, I think), all your active (non summoned) companions currently gain XP, so you can level those up right now, and get ready to upgrade them later.

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Congrats on your outstanding career and thank you for helping

For example getting weapon and armour enchantments up to Perfect shouldn be too expensive, going beyond that will get pricey.new set of gear will be included…
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