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Most of the houses are simple huts, but some people are building solid, cinder block buildings. One even has a garage.Land Title Issues No Deterrent In CabaretFor decades, Haiti has had a chaotic land title system. After the quake, with so many government buildings destroyed, it’s even less clear who owns what.Aid groups say one of the biggest obstacles to building new or even transitional housing is the lack of clear land title in the Haitian capital.

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Even if they never directly recommend you to a friend

Most of the houses are simple huts, but some people are building solid, cinder block buildings. One even has a garage.Land Title Issues No Deterrent In…
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Just felt really good to get out there and play in a game, said Streveler. Mean, we been putting in a lot of work, obviously, as…
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If confirmed, Dr. Jackson, a career Naval officer who has no real experience running a large bureaucracy, would inherit a set of challenges that have bedeviled…
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When your business starts growing quickly, you will be forced to improvise to manage increased demand for your products or services. When business buildup happens too…