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No bullying. This doesn just apply to the people in your submission, but also to other people here on the sub. „F”? Are you fucking KIDDING me? I SPENT a DECENT PORTION of my life writing ALL of that and your response to me is „F”?ARE you so MENTALLY HANDICAPPED that the ONLY LETTER you can COMPREHEND is „F” or are you just SOME fucking asshole who THINKS that with SUCH a SHORT response, he can MAKE a statement ABOUT HOW MEANINGLESS WHAT WAS WRITTEN WAS? WELL, I have you KNOW that WHAT I WROTE WAS NOT MEANINGLESS, in FACT, I EVEN HAD my WRITTEN WORK proof read by SEVERAL professors of literature.

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22 septembrie 2015

Exceptionally memorable Press conferences and media

No bullying. This doesn just apply to the people in your submission, but also to other people here on the sub. „F”? Are you fucking KIDDING…
21 septembrie 2015

(Another asked him, for instance, whether his stance on taxing

Wired’s Nitasha Tiku recently documented the roller coaster of employee activism confronting Google in this month’s magazine cover story. She writes the wave of employee activism…
20 septembrie 2015

Bell returned to radio, playing the hits on small stations in

3.4 cheap canada goose Moosehide Campaign initiative was supported by Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting April 11, 2016. The campaign was created by…
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As a business page, it is ideal to be a part of those last

She told my dad that she would only marry him if he promised that they would never live in coal company housing, and he kept his…