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The hay scented fern is particularly fine textured, almost feathery, and smells of fresh mown hay when bruised. It grows to 24 inches and you determine the spread. The botanic name is Dennstaedtia punctilobula.. General Motors, Tesla and a fleet of other car manufacturers are going into overdrive to extend a tax break that has for a decade helped sustain the sale of cars that need little to no gasoline to run.But in that effort, there is a roadblock: Oil and natural gas companies, which supply the gas fueling the internal combustion engines dominating American roadways and which oppose extending tax breaks for vehicles that don’t use their fuel.This has triggered an intense lobbying battle on Capitol Hill between two powerful and traditionally closely linked industries, Steven Mufson and I report.Oil and gas companies, said electric car proponent Rep. Daniel Kildee (D Mich.), „prefer a world where every vehicle spews greenhouse gases, and this is not the world that I’m trying to encourage.”But opponents, in their own blitz of studies, op eds and meetings with lawmakers, are emphasizing what they see as the economic downsides of the tax credit. They say extending the credit would be unfair to middle and lower class consumers unable to afford electric cars.

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Garcia has been versatile in the field as an I Cub

The hay scented fern is particularly fine textured, almost feathery, and smells of fresh mown hay when bruised. It grows to 24 inches and you determine…
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7 million children in Syria are out of school, and 2

CBC News ran a piece prepared by Tom Parry the following day. Mr. Parry had just arrived in Jerusalem to fill in for the regular reporter.…
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„The Dining Room at 121” is moving in to the premises left

Three of eleven species of Kissing Bugs found in the US. Image via Gabriel L. Hamer The World Health Organization estimates up to seven million people…
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Some may disagree but I think I achieved all of those in my

The first meeting between these two in a quarter century played out quite differently than the last, when Bloomsburg blasted the Lions 133 70 back in…